Research, Design and product development

 We are DESIRO VISION, from Cluj-Napoca

Our team passionately develops design products. Our goal, from the firs products we designed, is to transform good ideas in accesible design products that bring memorable experiences to the end user.


Our story has begun many years ago, with a group of young students who, by learning, working and spending quality time together realised that they share the same passion: design.

We met again 3 years ago, and started Desiro Vision. A team of professionals and talented young designers and visual artists, all eager to share their knowledge and devotion every day at work.

Our role is found both in the activity of newly established enterprises and in commercial companies or multinationals. We have the area of expertise and specialisation in product design and graphic design. We are bound by a stable relationship of trust, strengthened over the years, which now helps us to carry out research, design and development actions based on advanced strategies.

We made it our mission to chat about the projects and brainstorm new ideas at the office, over a great cup of coffee (or tea), and, then, go do what we do best: design!

The result speaks for itself and our objective is that the finished product reflects the passion and energy spent in designing it. Ultimately, this results in great satisfaction for our client.

Our main goal is to always deliver the ultimate product. It has to combine the three essential factors of our product vision: fully functional, affordable and beautiful.

Our values and beliefs influence our daily work and the impact our projects have:

  1. The team
    is the most important to us. The harmony we create around every project, big or small, is both very satisfying and productive, in the benefit of the project and, ultimately, our client.
  2. Our passion for work
    Our work plays a major part in our lives and the only way we create something extraordinary is by full dedication to the work we do.
  3. Client satisfaction
    The ultimate validation in what we do comes from the feedback we get from our clients. This motivates us to always do better and help us grow even stronger, professionally and on a personal level.

About Our Team


Our team designs and develops products and services that give quantifiable results. We are a well seasoned team of design proffesionals and young talented designers. The experience and the young talent combined offer innovative, modern solutions to the projects we tackle.



Chief Design Officer



Senior Designer



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Senior Art Director


Red Dot Luminary 2021 - .Lumen, Desiro Vision

The equivalent of the Nobel prize in industrial design: the Red Dot Luminary Award, was won by the romanian start-up .lumen, the creators of the innovative glasses for the blind, together with the design studio Desiro Vision.

Dintre mai mult de 4000 de concurenți, doar 60 au fost aleși drept Best of the Best (Cel mai bun dintre cei mai buni), iar dintre aceștia, doar unul este distins cu premiul Red Dot Luminary, „aceștia servind drept inspirație în designul industrial”.

Printre cei cinci nominalizați la Red Dot Luminary în 2021 s-au numărat: Unity – nava spațială Virgin Galactic, Cognixion One – ochelari portabili pentru persoanele cu dizabilități de vorbire, Canoo – un vehicul de livrare multifuncțional și sPEEK – ajutor de vizualizare pentru chirurgi. Printre câștigătorii precedenți ai Red Dot Luminary se numară Google Self-Driving Car – mașina autonomă Google, Lilium Jet – un taxi zburător alimentat electric și Robotic Prosthetic Knee – un genunchi protetic motorizat.


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Our design process


We do comparative studies of products and systems, to better understand the product we are about to design. We then, prepare the brief and plan the projects’ steps.

Brief / Planning

The design brief helps both us and the client to get a better understanding of the project’s complexity, to plan the steps accordingly and to manage the expectations.


We explore divergent/convergent creative paths, we brainstorm amd search, through sketching, the broad design of the product, keeping in mind the functional details of it.


We prototype using 3D printing for assemblies and individual parts. This allows us to get an accurate overview of the finished product.

Testing and feedback

After the prototype is created, we test it and analyze it, and try to identify functional, technical and esthetic issues, so we can correct them later.


We’ve reached the final stage of the design process. Every issue from the testing stage is resolved and we prepare the BOM and suppliers’ list. We are now ready to start the fabrication.