Our DESIGN ProcesS

We create and develop a wide range of products. Our projects range from home and garden products to more complex industrial objects (one of our newest project is a water collection system). Our design process goes thoroughly through well planned steps, suited to your project.


We do comparative studies of products and systems, to better understand the product we are about to design. We then, prepare the brief and plan the projects’ steps.

Brief / Planning

The design brief helps both us and the client to get a better understanding of the project’s complexity, to plan the steps accordingly and to manage the expectations.


We explore divergent/convergent creative paths, we brainstorm amd search, through sketching, the broad design of the product, keeping in mind the functional details of it.


We prototype using 3D printing for assemblies and individual parts. This allows us to get an accurate overview of the finished product.

Testing and feedback

After the prototype is created, we test it and analyze it, and try to identify functional, technical and esthetic issues, so we can correct them later.


We’ve reached the final stage of the design process. Every issue from the testing stage is resolved and we prepare the BOM and suppliers’ list. We are now ready to start the fabrication.