dotLUMEN - Glasses for the Blind

noiembrie 2020 - iunie 2022


Glasses for the Blind

We’re honored to announce that dotLUMEN, glasses for the blind, has won the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Luminary Award!

The glasses were designed by the product design team at DESIRO VISION, from late July 2020 to June 2021. The .Lumen glasses is a revolutionary product that helps blind people navigate their surroundings. They offer a system for the 40 million blind individuals which can’t have an advanced mobility solution. It replicates the main features a guide dog brings, in a scalable product.

Design: Sebastian Sinca, Ciprian Mihnea, Cristian Vințu, Lucian Grădinariu
Directori de produs: Cornel Amariei (dotLUMEN), Ciprian Mihnea (DESIRO VISION)