VERDE Outdoor Grilling

february 2020

VERDE 45/65

Portable grill series

Services: Product Design, Graphic Design, Animation

This concept gets its name from the romanian expression “La iarbă VERDE!”, meaning something similar with “in the GREEN grass”, the product being ideal for taking it outdoors. 🌿

VERDE’s main features are its mobility, being compact and easy to transport; and its functionality, the design of the body helping the heat disperse uniformly on the grill surface.

Also, VERDE’s tray is removalble, allowing for an easy refill with wood or charcoal, without removing the grilling area, which is itself adjustable, with three height settings.

Designers: Mihnea George Ciprian and Sebastian Sinca
Technical Drawings: Dragoș Irimieș
Logo and Packaging: Iuliu Duma